Joseph Cruz – Owner/Inspector

Joseph Cruz – Your Trusted Home Inspector

With 21 years of honorable service in the United States Navy, Joseph Cruz is not only a seasoned home inspector but also a dedicated and disciplined professional.

During his military career, he served onboard three warships. In 2014, he earned the prestigious
title of "Instructor of the Year” as the Navy's primary surface warfare instructor.

As a plankowner onboard the USS Rafael Peralta DDG 115, he was entrusted with property management responsibilities for 230 sailors, ensuring their temporary lodging while the ship was under construction.

His experiences in the Navy instilled in him a strong sense of responsibility, attention to detail,
and a commitment to serving others.

In addition to inspecting homes, Joseph is a certified level one coach with Krav Maga Alliance.
He derives immense satisfaction from teaching people how to stay safe in hostile situations.

Joseph also dedicates his time and effort to volunteering with the American Legion Post 2 in Knoxville, making a positive impact within his community.

When he’s not inspecting homes, volunteering, or coaching, Joseph enjoys the thrill of riding his
motorcycle through the breathtaking landscapes of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Home Inspection Expertise
● Tennessee Home Inspector License Number 2057
● American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Certified Inspector
● International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) Certified
Professional Inspector
● International Association of Certified In-Door Air consultants (IAC2) Certified in Mold and

When you choose Joseph as your home inspector, you not only gain a meticulous and
experienced inspector but also someone deeply committed to serving and protecting your best

Contact us today to schedule an inspection with Joseph Cruz and experience his unique blend
of service, professionalism, and dedication to your peace of mind.

Norita Cruz – Inspector / Business Development Manager

Why did you become a home inspector? 

My love for buildings started as a young child. My father took my brother and me out to see our grandmother in a “new” house she bought. The property was actually older. The foundation was sagging and needed to be jacked up. There were several outbuildings that needed to be demolished. We were too young to occupy ourselves and my dad had to figure out how to keep us in sight, but not too close to the shed he was taking down. He pushed and pushed on the walls, but nothing happened. Eventually, he enlisted our help to huff and puff (like the big bad wolf) until it began to lose the battle with gravity. I frequently witnessed and “helped” my dad with a variety of home improvement projects throughout childhood.

I was fascinated with woodworking (the lathe is my favorite), metal shop, and any other hands-on projects I could find. I love refinishing furniture and painting my house! I began a construction apprenticeship during high school where I was able to construct various sheds, small furniture, and other small projects. I have done quite a few cosmetic updates to each of my homes in the past few years!

I graduated high school right after turning 17, left for Navy recruit training (boot camp) and schools to work with weapon systems. I was able to expand my knowledge of various systems including electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and more. There was a huge focus on technical understanding of various components, troubleshooting, and accurately sharing that information with others.

When I was honorably discharged, I shifted career paths and began going to college. I first worked as a job coach helping adults with disabilities learn skills on the job. In this position, I was able to learn about retail, fast food, restaurant kitchens, and casino kitchen maintenance. From there, I shifted to becoming an instructional assistant to middle school students who received special education services. I was able to see many teaching styles and learn a lot of new approaches to interacting with others.

I continued attending college with a focus on education in a variety of settings. I love learning and educating; however, the traditional classroom structure was not the best path for me.

When my spouse was preparing to retire from the Navy, he researched various career fields, business, and investment options. We chose to take a leap of faith, move across the country, and start over in Knoxville, Tennessee.

We were graciously welcomed to the area and joined American Legion Post 2 Knoxville. The members there have been serving the community for over 100 years. It is thrilling to be involved with an organization that values family, education, youth, veterans, and the community. As Joe launched the business, several members allowed him to do practice inspections on their homes. We volunteered with them and helped to set up some events such as a trunk-or-treat, Christmas activities, and more. The business was officially launched on Veterans Day in 2019. 

At first, my involvement in the business was limited. In 2020 I began learning more, answering the phones, and marketing. I initially took the home inspector course to have better background knowledge. As I learned more, I realized that becoming a home inspector combined some of my biggest passions. I am always learning, challenging my technical knowledge, experiencing novel locations, and educating others in the hopes of empowering them. It made sense to get my license and go all in! I received my license in February 2021. I am always working on continuing education courses to expand my knowledge. I also attend training and networking events to better serve our clients!

What do you enjoy most about being a home inspector?

There are so many aspects of home inspecting that I truly love. 

1- I am able to travel somewhere new every day. That novelty is really great for keeping my interest levels up! It also helps me see what items are common and typical for our area

2- Houses have so many systems and components. It is like looking at 10 separate puzzles and seeing how all the pieces fit. This is very similar to how every system on Naval ships or subjects in a school work together as a whole! With so many components put together by humans who make errors or get worn out over time, there will always be defects. Every defect has a solution and it is awesome to see what is going on and provide helpful recommendations. 

3- Educating our clients is empowering. I had no clue about certain components of owning a home in my first two houses, despite my background knowledge. I especially love working with first time homebuyers, or folks who may be taking on the responsibility of home maintenance for the first time. Within the various home systems, there are so many simple maintenance items that can really protect the longevity of the home. I love being able to share a bit of that knowledge and empower folks to know what needs to be done so they can either hire the correct person to help or care for the home themselves. When clients are well educated, they can make informed decisions and be confident!

4- I love the collaboration with realtors. Every realtor has a relationship with their client, wants them to find a home that is a great fit, wants the closing process to run smoothly, and hopes all parties involved are satisfied on closing day. Working together helps to leverage expectations, reign in some of the intense emotions, and hopefully leads to satisfied parties.

5- I also collaborate with other professionals. For example, we frequently are on-site with pest experts who are often willing to share a bit of their knowledge. I am constantly growing my network of contractors for HVAC, roof, gutters, appliances, and more. With their help, I can gain more knowledge to be a valuable resource for my clients.